Challenges And Triumphs At The Big Breakfast

As an Australian veteran of war with Paralympic dreams, a film career and an ambassador for mental health, Damien Thomlinson was set to wow guests at the 14th annual Big Breakfast.

Damien openly shared his story including how he became a double amputee, the challenges and triumphs since that moment, what he has planned for the future and the importance of keeping a positive mindset.  

Representatives from 53 schools attended the event, which was sponsored by, Arthur Reed Photos, Woods Furniture, Bounce Consulting, Beleza Uniforms, iDenti Tech, Print Design, Viatek, Sentral Education and Telstra.

Photos by Arthur Reed Photos

Debbie And Tony Spence
Gina Tobolov Carli Saw And Rosa Romano
Karl Morris And Gina Tobolov
Janelle Johnston Brittany Lawson And John Manserra
Jess Gregson And Jessica Gill
Melinda Rau Wig And Diana McGrath
Adam Boyce And Tamara Harris
Larelle Fitt And Karen Jackson
Ross Hultgren Stan Corner And Rhys Hultgren
Andre Ling Jessica Young And Cameron Sutherland
Kylie Warne Sheridan Salmon Davina Montgomery And Mark Hyland
Katie Simpson And Janelle Johnston
Bernadette Uzelac And Davina Montgomery
Joel Watson Matthew Payne And Emma Davis
Milly Cooper Talia Dumont And Carolina Arezia

Feature Image Courtesy: Tract Consulting
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