Beer Cocktail Anyone?

Geelong’s very own Cocktail King is ready to shake things up at the Great Australian Beer Festival next Saturday the 18th of February.

While many beer enthusiasts would shudder at the idea of mixing beer with anything but beer, we can absolutely understand the appeal. The list of cocktails that Gorge Camorra has put together highlights the numerous mixology awards that he has accumulated and demonstrates his ability to blend diverse flavours to bring us delicious summer drinks.

Spiced Peach & Berry Mojito – Peach liqueur, mint, lime juice and Forbidden Fruit apple berry cider

Ginger Apple High Ball – Monkey Shoulder scotch whiskey, ginger syrup, lemon & Franks apple cider

Lagerita – Patron Tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, Agave nectar, Southern Bay Requiem Pilsner

Monkey Goes Bananas – Monkey Shoulder scotch whiskey, banana liqueur & Prickley Moses Chainsaw

Wiskey Boilmaker – Scotch whiskey matched with Odyssey Calypso Pale Ale

Now, don’t worry if you can’t make it down to the Geelong Racecourse - well, worry a bit, because you will be missing out - but you will soon have even more opportunity to enjoy Gorge's work when he opens the new 18th Amendment Cocktail Bar in Little Malop Street. The bar is set to encapsulate the prohibition-era in Chicago when the 18th Amendment made it illegal consume, sell or bootleg alcohol. And, while we are glad that we can drink our beers without threat of arrest, we are looking forward to experience the step back in time that this place promises to offer.

Feature Image Courtesy: Tract Consulting
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