The Secrets of Bidding at Auction

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As you probably realise, Chris Lang acts for investors in buying commercial property. 

In most cases that’s done in off-market transactions. However, there will always be times when certain properties can only be purchased at auction. 

So, we asked Chris to explain how he has handled this for clients over the years.

What you’re about to discover will probably not endear him to selling agents, but nonetheless, we thought you might find it extremely helpful.

Below is a short video, where Chris will walk you through the Secrets of Bidding at Auction. And also provide you with a specific example.

Chris Lang is a commercial property adviser, mentor & international best-selling author.

With over 40 years in the cut-and-thrust of commercial property investing, he is able to share with you first-hand experience of what’s needed for you to succeed.

Why not visit his website at Commercial Property Made Easy

Important information: This content is general in nature and does not constitute formal advice. Individuals should seek appropriate professional advice that considers the individual’s objectives, financial situation and needs before making investment decisions.

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